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Word Wham!

A Card Game for Emerging Readers!

Word Wham! provides a method of introducing or reinforcing phonics skills that is fun and pressure free. Players can win the game long before reading mastery - offering positive reinforcement to keep trying!

The game is flexible, offering tips and tricks to limit play time, adjust difficulty, solitaire options and methods to extend the game. With 50 word cards, the game can replace or enhance traditional flash cards. 


Inside the Box:

  • 50 Consonant - Vowel - Consonant (CVC) Words

  • 9 Wham! Cards

  • 15 Vowel Cards

  • Instruction Card

  • Instructor Tips & Tricks Card

How to Play:

Players play the top card in their pile, sounding out the words as they play. Face off when a vowel card is played to win the round! Move fast when a Wham! card is played; the first to slap the pile wins the round!

Added opportunities to Wham! when cards with matching beginning letters or rhyming words are played.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 3.33.46 PM.png

The Inspiration: 

My four year old daughter suddenly became interested in learning to read but easily became frustrated with the traditional teaching methods in the home setting.  

I created this game as a fun way for her to learn consonant vowel consonant words.  I found that the structure of this game eliminated the strain of the adult or more advanced reader having an advantage.  After the game was a hit in our home, I decided to make it available to families and teachers!


"As a teacher and tutor I was excited to see a resource like Word Wham to help reinforce early reading skills. Having fun, games and hands on activities are so engaging for students, especially those who may be struggling or young students who are ready to read. My students really enjoy playing Word Wham with me or a small group. The colors and format of the cards are kid friendly and appealing. This engaging game is an effective tool for teachers and parents to support young readers. After a couple of times of playing, my students asked to play again and again."

Kindergarten Teacher & Reading Tutor

"We've been having a lot of fun playing Word Wham! I'm already seeing an improvement in my daughter's speed & fluency.  She loves Wham!-ing cards! I love that I can easily customize it to make it more challenging for her older brother!"

Mom, Homeschool Teacher & ESL Educator

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